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Immigration Legal Aid in Luton and Bedfordshire (Update)

Unfortunately, the Legal Services Commission (LSC) has delayed the start of all new legal aid contracts in all categories of law by one month following the Judicial Review action brought against it in relation to the family law legal aid tender.  This means that JL Solicitors cannot offer legal aid immigration work until the 15 November 2010, assuming there are no further delays.

The family law legal aid tender process has been ruled unlawful by the High Court and the tender results in relation to family law has been quashed.  There has not yet been any announcement by the LSC as to whether they will appeal the decision or what they will do concerning the family law legal aid tender process.  There is a little good news, however, in that the LSC appears to have indicated that they will still allow legal aid contracts not associated with the family law tender to start on the 15 November 2010.

This means that if there are no further delays, JL Solicitors will finally be able to offer legal aid immigration work in Luton and Bedfordshire on the 15 November 2010.

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