Quality and Standards


JL Solicitors is committed to providing a premium service at reasonable cost to our clients.  The Principal of JL Solicitors, Joshua Lau, has worked successfully in a number of law firms with industry recognised professional quality marks and standards.  He is therefore entirely familiar with the requirements needed to achieve and maintain these professional quality marks and standards.


accreditationsmFong-on Joshua Lau is accredited under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme - the Law Society’s voluntary accreditation scheme for immigration advisers.

He is accredited at Level 2 (designated as a Senior Caseworker) and is also separately accredited with Supervisor Status under the Scheme.  This means that he has been independently assessed and professionally recognised by the Law Society as competent to advise on all aspects of Immigration work and to supervise more junior staff members (having at least one member of staff with Level 2 Senior Caseworker accreditation with Supervisor Status is an essential requirement to hold an Immigration Legal Aid contract from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to offer legally aided immigration services).

Specialist Quality Mark

As JL Solicitors has been awarded an Immigration Legal Aid contract, it is a contract requirement to hold either the Legal Aid Agency’s (LAA) Specialist Quality Mark (SQM) or Lexcel accreditation (Law Society practice management standard).  JL Solicitors is proud to announce that we currently hold SQM status.


Solicitors are heavily regulated in all aspects of their work.  JL Solicitors is committed to providing a service that not only satisfies the compulsory aspects of this regulation under the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, we also aim at higher standards via additional voluntary aspects of regulation, principally the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Quality Mark (for more information please see our Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority section and keep on eye on our News section).