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01.09.2009 Legal Opinion No Comments

When is a solicitor not really a solicitor?

You may have heard the anecdote that it is 99% of solicitors who give the rest a bad reputation (you can laugh, we find this funny too!).

Seriously though, the solicitors’ profession has sadly suffered a decline in reputation over the years but we ask you to bear in mind that many of those who have caused this decline are not in fact qualified solicitors.  Some are unqualified legal advisers and some operate from ‘consultancy’ firms that are not law firms and are therefore not regulated as law firms are.

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28.08.2009 JL Solicitors, Legal Opinion No Comments

How to choose your solicitor

At JL Solicitors we understand that you assume that your legal advisor knows everything about the law in their field of practise and therefore most likely believe that there is little difference in who you instruct to work on your case (whether or not your legal advisor in fact knows all that they need to know is a matter for separate debate).  Assuming that adequate legal knowledge is present, you may think that the only issue is who to instruct based on the price for that service.

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