Legal Aid


JL Solicitors has been awarded a Legal Aid contract by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA), formerly known as the Legal Services Commission, to undertake publicly funded work in the immigration and asylum category so from the 15 November 2010 onwards, until further notice, we are now able to offer legal aid immigration services to the local community of Luton and Bedfordshire in general.

Please be aware, however, that legal aid is only available if you are assessed as eligible and your case is one that is included within the scope of legal aid.  Evidence to prove eligibility must also be provided.

To be assessed for legal aid, you will need to produce the following original documents:

  1. A photographic form of identity (if possible);
  2. A proof of address, and
  3. Proof of income and savings for both you and your partner (if applicable).

For immigration cases, there are three types of legal aid that may apply and we are required to carry out the following assessments for eligibility:

  1. Legal Help: ‘means test’ and ‘sufficient benefits test’;
  2. Controlled Legal Representation (for appeals): ‘means test’ and ‘merits test’;
  3. Full Representation (for such things as Judicial Reviews): detailed means and merits test.

The rules governing the use of legal aid are very detailed and complex.  If you wish to read more or check your eligibility then you may do so by clicking ‘here’.

If you, or your type of case, are not eligible for legal aid then we do still of course offer a full range of immigration services on a privately funded basis, encompassing all aspects of work on immigration, nationality and asylum law.  Legal aid is, after all, an additional service that we are able to offer that non-legal aid firms cannot.  After assessing your case, we will be able to offer an agreed fee or an hourly charging rate appropriate to your situation, or it may be possible your enquiry may be dealt with by way of a fixed fee consultation.

For more information, please see our News section and more specifically the Legal Aid categories.